Which type or kind of cupboard we can use to build out house?

 Some years before economic class people were concerned about the front elevation of the house but now a days that concept was changed a lot and peoples are more concerned about home interior designs.

So the raw material choices and availability become huge. That’s why customers get confused about selecting the right one for their house. Id3 Interior designers in Kottayam are renowned for their innovative and stylish solutions that transform any space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.

These are some materials used for cupboard works:

Multi Wood upc board

Both multi wood and upc boards are water resistant. This can be used in wet areas. (Kitchen, washrooms, laundry areas) these boards are flexible in nature. This is the main drawback of this product, this can’t hold weight, height is also a constraint because due to flexibility this board will bend itself. Also screw holding capacity is also less. It can only be readjusted 2-3 times after that holding capacity will be less. To cope up with this we can use a plug to adjust this problem to an extent. Market starting rate is 120/- also available as pre-laminated.

Practical board

The raw material used for making this board is saw dust. This was available in the market as pre-laminated. The main drawback of this was it cannot be used in wet areas. 5-10 years is the maximum lasting time of this particle board. So this can’t be used for long lasting work. Usually particle boards are used for office cupboards. Offices can be renovated within 5-10 years this boards are available from 40/-at market. Looking to revamp your home with a touch of elegance? Consider hiring the top Interior Designers in Thiruvalla for a stunning transformation.

Mdf – Hdf

Making of these boards are similar to particle boards one difference is while manufacturing they use refined fiber. Mdf-hdf boards are available in several grade’s exterior quality boards are more water resistant to an extent. But this is also not recommended to use in wet areas. Mdf-hdf boards are good for carving purposes.  These boards are available as pre-laminated, market rate starts from 70/-


Aluminum cupboard work is less time consuming and cost effective. Also aluminum is water resistant so it can be used in any place like wet or dry areas. It’s a long lasting product. Nowadays laminated aluminium is also available in the market so we can customize colour and design according to customer demand. The ACP sheet is much better in aluminum. Market rate starting from 400/-

Ply wood is the strongest material used for doing interior works. Ply wood has different qualities. 710 grade ply wood are mainly used for kitchen cupboard works and can also be used in wet areas. Reddish colour plywood is stronger than white plywood. The things that we should keep in mind while purchasing plywood is to make sure gap and overlapping is less in plywood. Good quality plywood would not have much of a gap. Overlapping means while sticking each piece of plywood some layer will be displaced that area has a bend. This will lead to reduced strength of plywood. Ply wood cannot be available as pre-laminated. Plywood is a durable product also at the same time it’s expensive too. Market rate of plywood starting from 70/-

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