Mastering MEP Services: A Comprehensive Guide for Construction Projects

Hey!!! Are you planning for a new house? Get an expert advice on complex MEP services for your construction. MEP have wide range of services including feasibility studies, design and planning, all  under one roof with our technical expertise.ID3 specialized in crafting the lives of structures and building by providing mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services to. ID3 comes in at a vital turn in the construction supply chain, offering a range of services which includes:

  • Expert plumping and sanitary systems consultancy
  • Expert in electrical and LV systems
  • Expert in fire fighting systems
  • Expert in HVAC systems
  • Detailed design of infrastructure service

Our MEP consultants are automation software to create MEP drawing and precise BOQ’S complying with the building codes.

ID3 ensure that in providing this service. It works towards enhancing building system performance, while ensconcing the structure within its natural environment minimizing waste and staying green

Over the last 8 years, has meticulously gathered a team of highly skilled engineers, associates and other support personal who strive to deliver high-end solution to all the practical electro-mechanical and plumping needs of a construction site.

Our MEP consultants will assist you in meetings with the Environmental Commission (EC) officer for environmental clearance. Generally, 1-3 appointments are required for project approval. Our team has experience in conducting EC meetings in all major cities.

During these meetings, we will assist in discussing:

1. Calculations and designs

2. Landscape planning

3. Size of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and underground tank

4. Building population

5. Rainwater harvesting pit

6. Sewer route

7. Rainwater route

8. Water supply route

9. Space planning, such as Electrical Substation layout

10. Transformer capacity (kVA)

11. Fire-fighting system drawings

Officials will provide the necessary No-objection Certificates (NOCs) and approvals. We will also coordinate meetings with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) department if required for any necessary submissions.

Plumbing services:

  • Internal and external drainage piping
  • Internal and external water supply
  • Vertical stack piping
  • Plumbing wall elevations
  • Schematics
  • Bill of quantities
  • Product recommendations
  • Electric
  • Circuit plans
  • Switchboard module layouts
  • Layouts for electrical conduits
  • Single Line Diagrams for electrical distribution boards
  • Panel diagrams
  • Automation of electrical systems
  • Wall elevations for electrical components
  • Material cost estimation
  • Recommendations for electrical products
  • Safety and security
  • CCTV wiring
  • Wi-Fi wiring
  • Telephone wiring
  • Data wiring
  • Bill of quantities
  • Product recommendations
  • NOC’s/Site Supervision
  • NOC/approval from local or state authorities
  • Approval from Fire Safety Department
  • Environmental clearance meetings
  • Approval under RERA
  • Contractor selection
  • Quality checks
  • HVAC
  • Air conditioning
  • Copper piping
  • Ducting layouts
  • Air cooling layouts
  • Air exhaust layouts
  • Chiller plans
  • Schematics
  • Bill of quantities
  • Product recommendations

At ID3 work starts with integrating ideas and utility. After meticulous on and off-site surveys and discussion with client, ID3 arrives at a project plan while taking into account the natural as well as the built environment charting out budget estimates and allotting reasonable time periods for completion of projects. ID3 ensure that this project plans provide a holistic and comprehensive solution to the job at hand and examine them through its various stages, until completion.

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