TV units are one of the essential pieces of furnishing in any modern designed home. They provide a functional and stylish look for your television. a wide range of styles, designs and materials are now available in the market. different types of tv units that can be used in living and bed space are available. minimalist, modern tv units provide simplicity and functionality to your living space.

 a comprehensive home entertainment solution can be possible through this tv unit design.  A well designed tv unit can be a perfect addition that elevates your living space. In the modern living room tv unit place a statement of style and design. The TV unit is the center of attraction of our entertainment area. The TV unit reflects the style statement of our living room.  a TV unit can enhance the design and style of a living room.

While designing a tv unit for your living room several key factors should be considered to ensure functional needs and complement your interior design size, space, style, aesthetics, material and functionality should be considered as key points. If you are moundinga tv the center of your tv must be 57-60 inches from the floor height. average tv height is 40 inches high from the screen.  height can be measured from the floor to the center of the tv. tv height can be varying according to view type and preference of viewers.

while mounting a 40 inch tv its bottom edge is 27.5 inches above floor level and a 55 inch tv bottom must be 26 inch above floor level. Both tv measurements have 40 inch center tv viewing. If your tv mounds in multi wood or wpc full panel while fixing the tv bracket use a frame of wooden, plywood or square tube to increase the strength.

Please avoid using glossy finish laminate on tv units to reduce reflection while watching tv at night time. while spending 40000/- and 30000/- for tv units must be kept in mind for hiding wires. The storage area must be used for hiding wires. tv and set top box plugs points must be minimum 50 cm from floor level. Now your tv size is smaller but in future your tv size can be increased so while setting a tv units allow space for fixing a big tv. ID3 Interior Designers in Kottayam specialize in creating stunning and functional living spaces. They offer personalized design solutions, blending aesthetics with practicality. From modern to traditional styles, ID3 ensures each project reflects the client’s unique taste and lifestyle, delivering exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Transform your home with ID3’s expert touch.

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