Transform Your Cooking Space: The Ultimate Guide to Modular Kitchens in Kottayam

In today’s world home spaces are required to be more than just a calculated combination of architectural patterns and aesthetic appeal. There is no doubt that you hold a dear space for your heart. This is why you might focus more on building the best modular kitchen for your home. Likewise no home interior work is complete without incorporating the best kitchen interior design. 

 What is a modular kitchen? 

A modular kitchen is a modern kitchen that has built –in units, also known as modules. This style of kitchen consists of cabinets that have a few standard sized components. 

The major goals of this kitchen design are to increase usability and facilitate effective space management. 

Nowadays many kitchen accessories are available in the market for proper space management some brands are hettich, hafele, ebco, inox, olive. Modular kitchen cabinets are skillfully fitted together with cabinets modules made of various materials. 

ID3 Interiors Interior designing kottayam

Space management is the key point of a modular kitchen. It ensures that every available space in your kitchen is utilized and each modular unit is specifically made to be convenient. Each unit in a modular kitchen cabinet can be separated and removed making the modular kitchen units simple to repair and replaced. Proportionate to our height can be adjusted to 80-90 cm. 

This kitchen is integrated into a single wall and has a sink, hub, counter top, and kitchen appliances in a single line itself. Ideal height of the base cabinet from the countertop is nearly 32 inches -33 inches overhead cabinets are around 24 inches in size  with a distance of at least 25 inches from the gas stove. 

Discover the elegance and functionality of ID3 Modular Kitchen in Kottayam. Our expertly designed modular kitchens in Kottayam combine style with practicality, offering customized solutions to suit your home. Transform your cooking space with ID3’s innovative designs and superior quality.

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