Things you need to know before hiring an interior designer for your Home

In the present world of elegance , Interior designing has become an impact factor in every aspect of life. Rather than just enhancing the indoor beauty, interior design has gone a long way in shaping the spaces we inhabit. A well designed interior can uplift the entire aura of the space that can reflect on the well being and productivity of an individual being within it.  Whether it’s our residential spaces, interior designing can transform our indoors to an elegant and  pleasant environment. 

So before hiring a professional for interior designing of your home, It’s important to understand how your residential interior designing can give the best outcome for your living space.

Utilising the space – Optimising the room layout that maximises the functionality without hindering the activities is the core of interior design. Proper planning and understanding the purpose of the space can deliver a cosy living space for your home.

Colour tone implementation – Ambience of the indoor reflects mainly on the colour tone within the room. As each colour evokes different emotions and moods to the space, picking up the right combination of colours along with design can make a profound impact on the energy and productivity of the people in the indoor as well.

Texture of the material – Enhancing the interior beauty by means of wood, stone and fabric are some of the common modes of materials in today’s market. But picking the right material that suits the space well can deliver the best outcome for the interiors. Either it can be a rough brick wall or a smooth marble countertop, textures can enhance the sensory experience of a space.

Lighting of the indoor – The design becomes fruitful only when it is exposed to perfect lighting. Artificial lighting, including overhead fixtures, task lighting, and accent lighting, can be strategically used to highlight architectural features, create focal points, and establish different moods within a space. It’s not necessary that each and everything should come with an incandescent lamp. Implementing designs to get presented under the natural light itself would be fascinating.

Accessories & furniture – Choosing the right furniture and accessories is essential in interior design. Furniture should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional and proportionate to the space. It should complement the overall design style and cater to the specific needs of the inhabitants.

Cost of residential interior designing in India

Depending on various factors the cost of interior design services always seems to be affordable and worthy of consideration. Size of the interior, design complexity and the material used are the main differentiators that can picturize the exact final pricing of the interior design.Apart from the implementation of the design  and furnitures,  the cost of professional  residential interior design comes across other different stages which includes design consultation, design construction and civil work,  furnishing, project management and many more. So during these stages the service provider can charge a price depending on the construction site, labour work and the design. 

Designer consultation – This is the initial stage where the basic idea of the design is discussed and finalised. Depending on the designer’s reputation and experience they can quote a price from ₹2000 to ₹10,000

Design fees  – In this stage the designer gives out the final draft of the interior design. This includes the design concept, space planning, 3D renderings, selection of material etc.  The design fee is usually estimated as 5% -15% of the total project cost.

Civil construction works – It is the implementation of the planned design. This includes  construction works of walls, false ceilings, plumbing, electric works, painting and many more. Cost of these civil works are estimated at more than around  ₹800 to ₹2000 per square foot.

Furnishing & furniture – Cost of furniture solely depends on the furniture preferences the customer makes. So depending on the number of items and quality of the material  the expenditure on furniture can vary. On the other hand furnishing the interiors can cost nearly ₹500 to ₹5000 for each square foot.

Additional decorative elements – Artwork, decorative lighting, rugs and other accessories for interiors come under this category. Expenditure made on this part of interior designing also depends on the choices and preferences once made in purchase decisions of these elements. Decorative elements ranging an amount from thousands to lakhs can be incorporated within the interiors as per the individual’s choice.

These are the main key areas one needs to put his money on while implementing an interior design for his home. The pricing mentioned can vary from the actual cost either higher or lower depending on the kind of interior design preferences. So hire the finest interior design services in the town that can enhance the living space to higher standards.

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