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A few tips to make a cost-effective Modular Kitchen

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July 16, 2021

In most homes, the kitchen holds a special place- usually, a hub of activities. On considering this,  finding the best interior designers in Kottayam and investing some quality time and effort into kitchen interior design is a good idea.  There are many cost-effective kitchen ideas shared by the interior designers in  Kottayam, the advantages, and disadvantages, tips to remember when you plan to get done a modular kitchen Kottayam and more.

What actually is a modular kitchen?
To make it simple, a modular kitchen is of pre-made cabinet parts. These parts are fixed together to create a whole, functional kitchen design. As explained by the interior designers in Changanasherry, a modular kitchen interior consists of modules of cabinets made of materials that hold accessories that facilitate effective usage of the spaces in a kitchen. Below are the most common elements of modular kitchen interior design :

▪️Floor cabinets
▪️Wall cabinets

Tips to transform your kitchen on budget
Understanding your kitchen area
Do your own research and start by marking off all the modular kitchen designs and prices that feel appealing to you. At ID3, Our modular kitchen designs segment is filled with an abundance of choices and is tailor-made to fit most budgets.

Choosing Modular Kitchen Units
Find accessories and colors that can be switched to appeal more to your taste and design sensibilities. ( For example, if baking does not interest you, then sacrificing on the finishes to bring a double oven within the budget does not make sense, right?)
Before planning the accessories, think carefully about your daily routine in the kitchen and arrange the unit around it.

A kitchen renovation is not only an inconvenience but can also be exhausting, especially with kids at home. So plan efficiently, have backup plans.

Technical Considerations
If you plan new appliances, they require specific electrical outlets-some appliances require a working water connection, etc. Ensure to take into account such technicalities while designing your new space. It is highly recommended that all plumbing and electric work be done after all the old appliances are removed and the necessary demolition is complete. ( Tip: Plan a temporary kitchen elsewhere in the house so that technical delays will not affect your daily routine at home )

Choose Accessories
Accessories, Finishes, light fixtures, paint colors, and appliances should be decided a little bit ahead of time so that they can be ready for installation on time.

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