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Interior Designers in Pathanamthitta

Personalized Designs That Appeal Your Personality for Every Taste & Budget

Your home talks about your personality more than anything else. Whether you are looking for a kid's friendly design and theme for your humble abode or searching for a traditional home with eccentric features showcasing your inclination towards your culture, our experts work on interior designs that ensure you get a serene, beautiful, and comfortable hideout from the world. Our expert interior designers and planners find the cleverest storage and design a must-have for a home in urban areas.

Best interior designers in Pathanamthitta

Talk to our design experts and get the home of your dreams!

Id3 interiors works with the belief that interior design is more than just great design and good-looking features in a home. We believe in functionality and comfort with beautiful aesthetics that make home interiors the perfect reflection of your homes. Our team of efficient designers and stylists incorporate all your requirements and dreams into constructing every nook of your dream home. Our designers work diligently to tie your style and personality with the design plan for your home.

5 style hacks for small spaces

If you live in a small house or flat there are several ways to keep it stylish and organized and to prevent the space from feeling cramped and cluttered when you have a lot of stuff to keep. Finding ways to organize and store things neatly is a real challenge. Here are 5 tips to follow to make the most of the space

Why Choose id3 interiors?

At id3 interiors, we believe in delivering the most effective, practical, and functional designs for your home sweet home.

1. Tidy away the clutter

We have too much stuff. If you want the best of living in a small space, you have to get rid of some of it. If it is a tough task to get rid of it, you can move it to the storeroom. Once you have it in your storeroom it is easy to realize that you do not need it will find it easier to part with it. You can put this into effect in your office too. If you have many books, it would be nice to have a place to accommodate it all. But unfortunately, you will not be having enough space. What you can do is to make a list of books, which you often refer, and put the rest in the storeroom.

2. Choose furniture with thin legs

Once you have cut down your belongings just the things you really love and the practical essentials you use on a regular basis, you need to find a space to store them. Rooms, which are filled with natural light, are more comfortable spaces to inhabit, so choose furniture with thin frames and legs that allow the natural light to flow right through the room.

3. Keep the floor free

Fixing floor to ceiling fitted storage spaces will provide lots of storage space but it will swallow up a big space of the room and make it look smaller. Always keep the floor free and if you want to fix cupboards choose the one with slim legs. Slim legs mean the floor is kept free. It will be the perfect way to store things out of sight and it will not dominate the floor space.

4. Make it feel spacious with the clever use of colour

Choose light wooden works, light colours, and metallic surfaces to help reflect light and create a sense of space. Use colour combinations which makes the room look spacious. Light colours are perfect to choose if you are living in a small house or a flat.

5. Use mirrors to magnify the light and space

Setting a large floor mirror and adding upright vertical lines will help to reflect and amplify the natural light flooding in through the bay window, making the room feel lighter, airier and spacious.

If you want to add natural elements, you can add some plants to bring life to space, and arranging them on the top of the cabinet will keep the floor space free. These tips will help you to get more storage space, your things will be organized and the room will have light and airy feeling. When it comes to interior designers in kottayam, we are the first choice of everybody who wants a unique design for their interiors. We are the best interior designers in Pathanamthitta.

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Frequently Asked Questions!!

1) What does an interior designer do?

Interior designers make indoor spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. They must be able to draw, read, and edit blueprints.

2) How much do interior designers charge?

We at Id3 Interiors are also one of the best Interior Designers in kottayam. We are Interior Designers Kottayam who are providing Interior Design Services at reasonable and affordable rates. Id3 Interiors in kottayam is done based on sqft rates which may vary from Rs. 70–150/sqft for designing only and Rs. 800–3000/sqft for designing and implementation.

3) How to interior design a house?

Step 1: Understand Space and Requirement.
Step 2: Plan Your Interior Design Budget.
Step 3: Design Development.
Step 4: Plan Electrical and Plumbing Points.
Step 5: Planning for False Ceiling Designs.
Step 6: Flooring Designs and Material.
Step 7: Woodwork and Furniture.